About Us


My name is Mya Walsh and I am the creator of Sankofa Soccer Culture, LLC. I began playing soccer for a recreational league at about age six. I transitioned into competitive play around age 11 and continued on through collegiate play at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. During my 15+ years of play, I was often the only or one of few Black and/or minority players on my team. I have heard people say before that when you're apart of a team, everyone is the same. That was not the case for me. My socioeconomic experiences were vastly different from my teammates. The schools we attended, neighborhoods we lived in and cultural practices were not at all similar. These factors strongly impacted my past experiences in soccer, sometimes negatively.


Sankofa is an Adinkra symbol that represents the wisdom of learning from the past in order to create a better future. It essentially involves retracing your steps and examining the root.  


This symbolism behind Sankofa was so meaningful in the creation of the brand. I reflected on my personal experiences in soccer and knew that there were more people who could identify with me. I wanted a soccer brand that proudly celebrates my own culture. We represent inclusivity, resilience and Black culture.


Sankofa Soccer Culture speaks to anyone who has felt isolated and misunderstood. It represents the strength it takes to advocate for yourself even when you feel outnumbered. It defies negative stereotypes and mistreatment of others. Sankofa Soccer Culture encourages the coming together of people from everywhere, while teaching and learning from one another. It welcomes an increase in diversity among players and affiliates. The brand supports and seeks to partner with organizations and individuals with the same ideals.